A beautiful and healthy smile for your child

Dear Mum, Dear Dad,
your child’s smile fills your heart with joy, your child’s smile is your recharge when you are tired, your child’s smile is the greatest reward for you!
This is why our mission is to make it beautiful and healthy …

Some people still believe that you go to the orthodontist once you have changed all your teeth .. unfortunately delaying treatment is a very popular practice that forces patients to undergo longer and frustrating therapies during their adolescence or early adulthood. Luckily now there are solutions to prevent all this!

What is pediatric orthodontics? At what age should the first visit be?

By pediatric orthodontics we mean all orthodontic treatments that have as their objective the interception and prevention of malocclusions even in the very young child to ensure that when the cranial bones grow, their relationships are correct, that the permanent teeth can sprout safely and the jaw grows harmoniously.
A first orthodontic visit is advisable around the age of 7 allowing to intercept the most frequent causes for malocclusion.

Children’s appliances

In pediatric orthodontics there are really many appliances that we can use, children are not all the same and in addition today’s children have a busy week schedule !!

Whether it is a device to widen the palate, stimulate the growth of the jaw or favor the eruption of all permanent teeth, we know how to offer you the most effective solution for him/her, adapted to his weekly commitments and also to the wishes of Mom and Dad .

An experience and communication tailored for your child’s needs

Pediatric orthodontic treatments are something very special!

You need a right mix of technique, empathy and communication skills.

Our words and our actions can greatly change your child’s experience.

We have a great responsibility as our actions can affect his future and above all how he will approach the dentist when he grows up.

Thanks to our know-how and our specialization on communication, we know how to choose the right way to approach our little patient to make his experience special.

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