Questions and Answers on Orthodontics

General questions

What does “specialist in orthodontics” mean?

Orthodontics is a specialty of dental medicine dedicated to the correction of malpositions of the jaws (dentofacial orthopedics) and teeth (orthodontics) in order to optimize the occlusion (dental gear), as well as the relationship between the facial bones in a functional and aestheti way.

Only people who have completed at least 3 years of full-time training and who have obtained the corresponding University degree can boast the title of “specialist in orthodontics”. Aside from this, Orthodontics, however, is often performed by general dentists who have some knowledge of orthodontics.

The general confusion existing with the term orthodontist derives from the fact that in all these possible scenarios professionals can who present themselves as orthodontists. The easiest way to dispel any doubts about the professional qualifications is to refer to the Register of medical professions (

At what age is better to make the first orthodontic visit?

The American Association of Orthodontists, that represents the international gold standard, says “no later than 7”. This reason being that most of the malocclusions if intercepted during childhood can be corrected with simple and effective devices.

This does not mean that we will put braces to all 7-year-olds kids, but that at years of age it is good to make a first orthodontic examination. Let’s not forget that in Switzerland the school dental service is very efficient and already intercepts severe cases.


What do you do on the first visit?

The first visit allows you to make a preliminary assessment and establish an initial treatment plan if problems are found. This consultation is obviously sensitive to your possible personal requests and expectations.

You will also be informed of the approximate cost, the available devices, the ideal time (to start) and the expected duration of the treatment. An initial consultation report will be sent to you and the general practitioner.

Minor patients must always come for the first consultation with one of the parents or the responsible guardian.


What is the case study? How many appointments does it take to start?

The second appointment consists in the production of the documents necessary for the diagnosis of each patient, namely:

  • photographs of the face and teeth
  • x-rays
  • dental molds
  • clinical examination of the mouth and the masticatory system

For this appointment, patients (even minors) must not be accompanied by their parents or legal officers. However, this initial documentation is produced only with their consent.

A complete and detailed study of these documents will therefore allow us to develop a customized treatment plan. In some cases, multiple treatment plans and orthodontic devices may be available. We will investigate a possible coverage by the disability insurance or health insurance if the patient meets specific criteria.

The discussion meeting is very important. We will discuss the results of the initial documentation (diagnosis) and treatment plans. In the event that different therapeutic approaches are possible, the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment plan will be outlined to help you with your choice.

Although many different approaches are often possible, it is always necessary to tailor the treatment to the patient tolerance and degree of cooperation, and choose the device that is the best fit in relation to the treatment objectives.

You will be given a detailed explanation of the practical and administrative questions of the treatment. In this appointment we will provide you with the final quote for the chosen treatment.

Despite the fact that this consultation, in the case of minors, is of fundamental importance for the parents, my experience showed that the presence of the young patient himself  helps him/her to take greater responsibility for his/her treatment.

A written report on the diagnostic and therapeutic plan will be provided and a copy will be sent to the general dentist if desired with all the produced documentation up to that point.

They have diagnosed caries on milk teeth at school .. can you already make an orthodontic visit?

Of course yes! Having caries on baby teeth does not prevent you from making an initial orthodontic visit.

We will do a thorough assessment before studying the case and if some teeth should be treated or extracted and we will coordinate everything with your trusted dentist.

What are the signs that my child will need an appliance when he grows up?

Prognostic clinical signs of future orthodontic problems are:

  • absence of spaces between the milk teeth or crowding
  • early or late loss of milk teeth
  • difficulty biting
  • mouth breathing
  • finger sucking or other flawed habits
  • misaligned teeth
  • protruding teeth
  • joint noise


Is cleaning the teeth harder?

Home dental hygiene with the appliance iscertainly more complex and takes longer thannormal. It only requires some training (don’t worry, we will train you properly and give you all the tools you need !!) and patience to make it a routine.

Can I have a hygiene session while doing orthodontics?

Not only can you, but you must!

Maintaining good hygiene during orthodontic treatment is essential to be able to minimize the risk of tooth decay and gum problems. We recommend that you see your trusted hygienist at least every 4-6 months during orthodontic therapy.

If you don’t have a trusted hygienist, don’t worry, we also perform hygiene sessions!


Do I have to see my family dentist during orthodontic therapy?

Of course yes! During orthodontic therapy, it is essential that you regularly visit your dentist to diagnose any caries or gum problems. We provide periodical through examinations, but our routine checks do not replace the regular checks that only your trusted dentist can do! If you don’t have a trusted dentist … ask for advice! We work with the best colleagues in the area and we will recommend you to the colleague closest to your home.


Practical questions

How long are the control sessions?
Each orthodontic therapy is different but in general periodic checks are every 6-8 weeks. For some appliances (such as during the activation phase of the palate expander) more frequent checks may be necessary.
Do braces hurt?

“Hurt” … what a bad word! Orthodontic therapyrather causes a feeling of tension at the level ofthe teeth as the orthodontic movement is similarto inflammation.

The teeth move inside the boneand the forces that we apply reshape it, allowingit to move. This feeling of tension ishowevertransitory and like all new things .. you just needto be patient!


Is making tooth impressions annoying?

`Do you remember when they took yourfingerprints as a child, the pasta dripped intoyour throat and you had that horrible feeling ofsuffocation?

But what if I told you that you cando them now while having fun, in an extremelycomfortable way and in two minutes?

Voilà….We make tooth impressions using a latestgeneration scanner that allows you to obtain avirtual model of your teeth, in a very quick andextremely comfortable way .. going to the dentisthas never been so fun!!


Can I eat what I want while doing orthodontics?

Of course yes! But only if the food you eat respects a very important rule … it must not be hard or sticky because in that case it can easily break or detach your appliance.

The glue we use is the strongest on the market but it has been designed to remain in position only a few months and not forever.

So, remember this simple rule and you will be able to easily choose which foods you can eat and which ones you cannot.


Is there much to wait to start orthodontic therapy with you?

For our part, We do everything possible to ensure rapid availability for a first visit. However, we cannot make appointments exclusively outside the classic working hours or school time because for some sessions, the reserved times are only during the morning (such as laying or removing the device).

In order to meet the needs of the patients we are happy to provide our service 6 days a week so that we can help you as much as possible! We still don’t know how to work miracles, but rest assured that if we can satisfy you, we will do it!

I miracoli non li sappiamo ancora fare, ma state certi che se possiamo accontentarvi, lo faremo di cuore!

A bracket has come off or I have a problem with my device but I’m not your patient … can you help me?

Sure! We never ignore a patient asking for help! Unfortunately, the techniques used in orthodontics are many and therefore it is not certain that the system used by your orthodontist is the same we use … in most cases, the emergency sessions provide a temporary resolution of the problem, we will make a short report on what we did and then we advise you to contact your orthodontist as soon as possible!


I started my orthodontic therapy abroad … can I come and have you checked?

Each orthodontic therapy is like a film and we cannot understand what the plot seeing only a frame of it! In addition, every orthodontist, even if the international guidelines are universal, can follow a different orthodontic philosophy from ours and therefore may have established a treatment plan different from how we would have established it.

For this reason, if you want us to continue your treatment we are in most cases obliged to remove the equipment in use and replace it. Call us anyway and we’ll evaluate together what solution we can offer you!

I finished the treatment some time ago and my teeth have moved .. what can I do?

No worries! If your orthodontist who has followed you for many years is still in business, we would advise you to come back to him … he
knows you and your case better than anyone else.

If you don’t have a reference, we are herev to help you! Book a visit and together we can choose which is the best solution for you.

The retainer has come off or I have lost my maintenance device..what should I do?

If you are our patient, call as soon as possible to make an appointment. If, on the other hand, you are not our patient, we advise you to go back to your orthodontist because he knows you and your case better than anyone else.

If he/her is no longer in business, book an appointment with us and together we will find the best solution for you!


I am being treated by another studio dentist but I’m not happy..what can I do?

Misunderstandings can come during the long orthodontic journey .. we are human beings! Our advice is to talk to your orthodontist because if he has proposed and carried out a certain type of therapy he will certainly have a plan based on his assessments.

If even after this discussion you are still not happy, we can see together what to do for you.


Payment questions

Is orthodontics expensive?

If we compare it to other dental medicine therapies, in fact, orthodontics is among the most expensive branches.

On the other hand, I ask you to think about the return on investment that you will have once you can show your beautiful smile to the world. Don't worry, we will be able to offer you the therapy solution that best suits your needs.


What payment methods do you have?

Our goal is to make sure that you can find a payment method that is suitable for your needs and for this we have various solutions:

  • advance payment before starting therapy with a 5% discount
  • payment at each session via bank or postal card or Twint with a 3% discount
  • 30-day payment through the Cassa dei Medici Dentisti
  • individual payment extensions to be established through the Caisse des



Do you have family discounts?

Orthodontics can be a real investment for a family that has many children or where the mom / dad decides to put the appliance together with his/her children! This is why we reward families.

We offer a 10% discount on the orthodontic treatment of every additional family member who is treated at the same time as (brother / sister or parent).


Administrative questions

Does my insurance refund me for orthodontics?

The majority of complementary insurances reimburse orthodontic treatments, some with very high reimbursement rates (over 80% of the
therapy) others with lower reimbursement rates.

The easiest way to get this information is to call your insurance or send them the quote that we will provide.

Send us the written response you will receive and we will be happy to help you calculate the amount of your insurance refund


My son/daughter has very crooked and protruding teeth … The AI paid for the therapy of a friend of mine ​​… can the AI pay mine too?

AI (or Invalidity Insurance) is a federal insurance that covers the costs of treatment for the treatment of congenital diseases that fall under certain specific criteria.

Only some specific and very severe congenital diseases are included in the AI ​​criteria.

Since we are specialists recognized by the AI ​​to evaluate this type of case, if your child falls with the inclusion criteria we will gladly explain go through the necessary administrative procedures.


Are there orthodontic cases that pass under LAMal (basic health insurance)?

Yes, as for AI, some specific cases can be taken into account pursuant to the LAMal. Just like for AI, if your child falls within the inclusion criteria we will gladly go through the necessary administrative procedures.

I am entitled to PC Familles / CSR..are all orthodontic therapy paid for?

The various paying agencies in the canton of Vaud may charge of orthodontic therapies.

In order to be able to take charge, orthodontic therapies must start before the age of 18 and fill certain criteria according to a specific severity index.

During the first visit, if you are entitled to benefits from a paying agency in the canton, please inform us so that we can tell you if your child’s case falls within the inclusion criteria for taking charge and go through all the necessary administrative practices.


At what age is it worth signing up for an orthodontic insurance? Is there an age limit?

As for orthodontics, the closer we get to the typical age for orthodontic treatments, themore difficult it is to obtain insurance that covers the costs of treatment.

Generally speaking, there is no age limit, but clearly the younger the child, the easier it is to obtain an insurance that covers the costs of any orthodontic treatment.

Each insurance has different rules and makes different commercial choices. Let us know if you are looking for an insurance, we gladly give you some advice!

What if I told you that you can choose the easiest way to communicate with us? What if I told you that when you contact us, you give us a maximum of 12 hours and we will contact you back?

Connectivity is more important today than ever.

Full time connection with your orthodontist

We are conscious that being able to be always at your side is crucial in order to offer you a real five-star service.

Phone, email, social network, choose!

Your doctor is there to help you and never leaves you alone

Our patients chose us because...

Choosing Mercuri Orthodontie means choosing a modern orthodontic office that offers clinical excellence, a familiar and welcoming environment for young and adult patient and overall an outstanding customer care.

I am a specialist in orthodontics, I am a dad and I am a sportsman.

I trained with the most influential professionals and experts worldwide and I put my clinical skills, my great availability and my desire to help you expressing your best smile.

Respect for your time

Your time is your most precious asset and the only thing that nobody can ever give you back. We are committed to respecting the duration of your therapy, not to exceed the estimated cost for your treatment and to respect the time of your appointments whether for a check, a visit or an emergency. This is our warranty.

Outstanding customer care

Everyone likes to be treated well, pampered, spoiled …whether it's to better organize an appointment, offer you a coffee or let your child choose his favorite Netflix cartoon...we promise that every patient, aged or young, will receive a service beyond his expectations. We are always ready to walk that extra mile for you

Cutting-edge technology

We have chosen to have a modern look and to take advantage of the latest technologies that science offers us for our profession. Whether it is the dental impression scanner, the best X-Rays device on the market or the latest generation software for planning your smile: be sure, you can find it here. Confidently book your first consultation.

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