Intraoral scanner

Do you remember being a child at the dentist taking impressions? The paste dripping into your throat, causing a feeling of almost suffocation. But what if I told you that you can do them now while having fun, in an extremely comfortable way and in two minutes?

Voilà…. We make tooth impressions using a latest generation scanner that allows you to obtain a virtual model of your teeth, in a very quick and extremely comfortable way .. going to the dentist has never been so fun !!

Digital radiography

Choosing to take an X-ray is a serious matter.

It is a medical act that involves risks because we use ionizing radiation which, although light, still has effects on the body.
Like every medical act, therefore, it must be considered by weighing the risks and benefits.

In order to limit these risks, in addition to following the directives at national and international level, we have chosen to use the most performing digital radiology system on the market in order to have the best possible image quality with the least exposure of our patient.

For us, your safety is too important!

Full time connection with your orthodontist

What if I told you that you can always contact me? What if I told you that you can choose the easiest way to communicate with us? What if I told you that when you contact us, you give us a maximum of 12 hours and we will contact you back? Connectivity is more important today than ever. We are aware that being at your side is always crucial to being able to offer you a truly five-star service.

Phone, email, social network, choose!

Your doctor is there to help you and never abandons you

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