Dental decays prevention


Decays prevention is an aspect to be taken care of right from the appearance of milk teeth. In fact, believing that deciduous teeth should not be treated, as they are destined to fall out, is a commonplace that is still widespread but which is not true at all.

In any case, and especially in children, decays must be treated as soon as possible to prevent it from reaching the dental pulp leading to possible tooth loss. The last stage almost always leads to dental extraction, a solution which is preferable not to arrive.

At Mercuri Orthodontie we are specialized in the prevention of caries in pediatric patients. It is a dental practice of considerable importance, to keep the smile of subjects in developmental age beautiful and healthy.

There are several ways to avoid cavities. So let's find out what they are and how we implement them, using different methodologies.

Caries in children and oral hygiene

Caries is a disease of the teeth that erodes the enamel and, in severe cases, can affect the inner layers or the dentin and pulp. There are several causes: poor oral hygiene; excessive consumption of sugars; low tooth strength etc.

It is a phenomenon that can affect everyone without distinction. However, milk teeth have less resistant enamel. In addition, caries progresses more rapidly due to the more superficial pulp horns and the dentinal tubules which are larger than in permanent teeth.

One of the main methods for preventing the formation of caries is the constant and daily care of oral hygiene. It is essential that parents educate their children in this practice from an early age, cleaning their mouth with a damp gauze after meals. Then we will introduce the toothbrush of the right size and with soft bristles.

We recommend using a fluoride toothpaste and following a diet low in refined sugars. Foods such as sweets, cookies, candies, soft drinks etc. predispose to tooth decay, especially if the teeth are not brushed after consuming them.

In addition to proper oral cleaning, another fundamental way to prevention is to have the pediatric patient undergo a check-up by the dentist at least 1-2 times a year. In this way, if there is an early stage caries, it will be possible to intervene on time.

Preventing tooth decay through fluoroprophylaxis

One of the most effective methods to prevent the formation of caries in pediatric patients is fluoroprophylaxis, which consists in the intake of fluoride in different forms to make the tooth enamel more resistant.

Fluorine strengthens the enamel by forming a resistant substance called fluorohydroxyapatite.

Fluorine is generally present in foods and especially in drinking water. However, our body cannot get the amount needed to keep our teeth healthy. For these reasons it therefore becomes necessary to integrate it.

Fluoroprophylaxis can be performed in 2 different ways:

  • systemic: i.e. through the intake of drops or tablets.
  • topically: using trays containing a fluoride-based gel. The treatment is carried out usually only in a dental office.

Given the importance of fluoride for the health of the teeth, we always recommend the use of toothpastes that contain it, and are not aggressive.

 The sealing of fissures and pits on molars

Fissures and pits sealing is one of the most effective and most used treatments by us to prevent cavities. It is a procedure that consists in closing the fissures of the molars, considered the teeth most exposed to caries.

To implement it, special sealants are used. It is an absolutely painless procedure.

After cleaning the tooth, we apply a blue gel based on orthophosphoric acid, to make the enamel more porous. Finally we put the sealant that we proceed to harden with a light-curing lamp.

Generally this treatment is recommended between the ages of 5 and 7, when the transition from deciduous to permanent dentition begins. Dental sealing is an effective procedure, which gives results especially if the sealant has adhered well, if it is monitored over time and if the patient is attentive to oral hygiene.

To carry out this treatment, we recommend that you contact your family dentist or hygienist.

Particular attention should be paid to brushing which must take place gently and according to a correct technique.

Therefore, methods to prevent the formation of caries in children exist and are also effective. To this must be added the activity of cleaning the teeth at home, and particular attention to the health of the smile as the basis of the person's well-being.

We can therefore play a guiding role for parents by advising them and giving them the correct information to accompany their children on a path of growth, which places health at the center of physical and mental balance. Having a beautiful smile means feeling good in all fields of life.

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