Deep bite


The deep bite, also called increased overbite, is a fairly common orthodontic problem. It occurs when the incisors of the upper arch cover those of the lower arch more than they should. In general, people with small jaws suffer from it, and consequently the upper teeth grow downwards and backwards as they tend to come into contact with the lower ones.

Therefore, trauma to the periodontal tissue can occur, as well as further negative consequences on the smile.

At Mercuri Orthodontie, we are specialized in the resolution and treatment of deep bite. Let's find out what it is, what are the causes, the consequences it entails, and how we intervene to correct it.

What deep bite is: causes and consequences

Deep bite is a malocclusion that can sometimes be traced back to a particular skeletal component or to incorrect habits that have persisted over time. It is therefore a pathology characterized by excessive closure of the dental arches. Sometimes the lower incisors press so hard on the palate that they cause substantial lesions.

The causes of the deep bite are often attributable to a genetic conformation of the bones, in which the lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw. Other factors that can cause this problem are the following: bruxism; grinding; agenesia of some teeth.

This type of pathology can be present in both children and adults. The resulting consequences are different. Sufferers of this problem may have a gummy smile, a crease between the lip and chin, a reduced nose-to-chin ratio, etc.

In addition to having an aesthetic impact, you may have problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which allows you to move the jaw, chew and speak. This can cause jaw pain, headache, stiff neck, and difficulty in closing and opening the mouth.

Closed bite can cause excessive wear of the teeth, which can become thinner and more sensitive.

It is clear that all these concomitant factors do nothing but favor the development of a series of disorders that have a significant impact on the pediatric and adult patient both from the point of view of the aesthetics of the smile, and also from the point of view of well-being.

How we treat deep bite

The main way to treat a deep bite is to focus on preventive action. Especially if it is due to an incorrect habit, we intervene by correcting this behavior, through a series of advice that we give to parents.

Generally the solutions adopted to treat this pathology are the following:

The orthodontic appliance

The palatal expanders in cases where the palate is narrow

Clear aligners

Orthognathic surgery in some special cases.

The best way to intercept this problem is undoubtedly to undergo an orthodontic visit. For these reasons, the first orthodontic visit assumes a crucial function, as it represents a step in which we specialists analyze the situation of the patient's oral cavity. Generally it is recommended to do it as soon as possible, however, as known, small children tend to be uncooperative. It can therefore also wait around 3-4 years.

During the first visit we are able to establish which types of malocclusion are present, if we can be dealing with a case of deep bite. In addition to observation, if necessary, we will do a thorough medical history using tools such as orthopantomography, facial photographs in order to understand how to intervene in an optimal way.

In this sense, interceptive orthodontics plays a central role thanks to which we intercept an anomaly in advance, before it can degenerate into something more serious. In the context of orthodontic treatments, time is a priority factor. In fact, the longer you wait to intervene, the greater the chances that the anomalies can stabilize, thus making everything decidedly complicated to solve. The risk is then having to implement more complicated therapies than the classic orthodontic therapy alone.

The path to be taken with the dentist to make corrections to the child's oral cavity must have as its goal his well-being and psycho-physical balance. It is about creating a culture of health, a fundamental way to live well.



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