Fixed orthodontic treatment (braces)


Orthodontics is an important branch of dentistry, which deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of misaligned teeth and jaw problems. This type of problem has considerable repercussions from an aesthetic and functional point of view. It actually means having difficulty chewing, breathing, etc., and at the same time feeling uncomfortable with oneself and with others.

We talk about fixed orthodontic treatment when we talk about orthodontic treatments using so-called fixed appliances. The appliance is the main tool for correcting the abnormal position of the teeth, restoring their natural balance.


At Mercuri Orthodontie, we are specialists in orthodontics, which is why we take care of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of malocclusion, whether in children or adults.

Let's find out more precisely what fixed devices are, when and how we use them.

What fixed orthodontic appliances are

In recent years, orthodontics has reached high levels in terms of techniques and adopted tools. Today, therefore, the fixed device is used not only in children, but also in adults.

In the past, adults were generally reluctant to undertake this kind of treatment, but now the situation has completely changed. Among the reasons for this change in attitude, there is a greater attention paid to aesthetic aspects, and to the resulting advantages, in particular in terms of the functioning of his teeth.

In addition to fixed devices, there are also removable and invisible devices. The function of the devices is to apply a force to the teeth which must of course be calibrated. Excessive force can damage the teeth. The fixed ones are generally used in the presence of a significant dental misalignment when it is necessary to be able to perfectly control the position of the teeth in the three directions of space.

Fixed appliances are generally characterized by 2 structures: brackets metal, ceramic or resin fasteners, which are bonded on each tooth; the metal arch wires that connect the various fasteners, and are made of steel or other metal alloys.

The choice of the type of device to use is in all cases linked to the needs of the patient, depending on the situation of his oral cavity.

There are several benefits, although initially the mouth will need time to adjust to what is in fact a foreign body. It is also important to take care of it, especially when it comes to oral hygiene.

The positive effects of the device can be apprehended if, after removing the device, specific rules are observed for the prevention of relapses. Subsequently, in fact, retention tools will be provided to prevent the dental problem from recurring.

The advice we give to patients is to stick to these behaviors, to maintain the results obtained with the therapeutic device. In fact, the risk of relapse becomes even higher if medical prescriptions are not taken into account. It could all come down to a wasted effort. Today's devices are capable of achieving optimal results, so it's a shame to waste the effort and commitment of months or even years of therapy.

How we apply the fixed device

Before arriving at the time of the application of the fixed device, there is a first phase during which we subject the patient to a series of detailed examinations. An example are the lateral x-ray of the skull and the orthopantomography that allow to examine with precision the bone tissues, the relationship and the proportions between the different parts of the face (teeth, lips, profile, etc.).

Once the case study has been carried out, we proceed with the actual bonding of the device using a system of bands, supports and metal hoops fixed to the teeth. We also use intraoral rubber bands to exert traction on the teeth.

The length of treatment with the fixed device is variable depending on the case to be treated. At the end of the scheduled period of time, we proceed with the removal of the device. This is a delicate operation, which we carry out with great care to avoid damaging the enamel.

For the delicacy of the type of work to be done, we recommend that you always rely on serious and reliable specialists. The beauty and health of your smile is essential to your overall well-being.

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