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The palatal expander is a device to expand a narrow palate. Usually, this type of condition, in pediatric age, presents with facial asymmetries and difficulty breathing and chewing. These are just a few of the symptoms that can occur. These are significant issues that affect the functionality of the oral cavity, effectively limiting the young patient. When they occur, it is therefore advisable to take the child to the specialist, who, through a visit, will prepare the most suitable therapy.

At Mercuri Orthodontie, we use palatal expanders in the presence of a narrow palate, one of the most common ailments in the dental field. So let's see what it is, when it is necessary to use it and what benefits it brings.

What is the palatal expander

The palatal expander is a fixed appliance made up of 2 rings called bands, which are joined by a steel structure with a central screw. These rings are anchored to the posterior teeth.

In the initial phase, parents should take care to turn the screw with some kind of wrench, following our instructions.

Generally, this device for enlarging the palate should remain bonded to the teeth for 6 to 9 months. Since it is created on the basis of the morphological characteristics of the patient, it does not cause particular discomfort and pain. A slight tension may be felt in the teeth, cheekbones and jaws. However, it is a sensation that tends to go away in a short time. After an initial treatment, you can then chew, swallow and resume your normal activities.

Already after a few days you can notice the appearance of a gap between the upper incisors, called a diastema. The formation of this space should not be of concern, as it will close within 1 or 2 months.

Obviously, the sooner the problem is detected and treatment started, the greater the chances of success. The results are long term and improve the health and general well-being of the person.

When the use of the palatal expander is necessary

One of the main signs to understand if your child needs the palatal expander is the so-called cross-bite, which is when the upper teeth close inside the lower teeth. In general, chewing problems are often associated with a malocclusion. Additionally, facial asymmetry may also be present.

Other symptoms of a small palate are also as follows:

  • Breathing difficulties, including sleep apnea and snoring.
  • Dental crowding.
  • Difficulty pronouncing certain letters.
  • Asymmetric mandibular growth, with forward, backward and sideways movement to perform the normal functions of swallowing, chewing and breathing.

Benefits of using the palatal expander

The palatal expander is able to quickly correct various problems, creating the conditions for a balanced and harmonious dental development. This makes it possible to intervene in the first years of the child's life.

The sooner you intervene, the greater the chances of success, avoiding having to resort to more invasive therapies and interventions in adulthood. Advances in modern dentistry have undoubtedly brought many advantages over the past.

To understand if your child needs a palatal expansion, our advice to parents is to book a first orthodontic consultation around the age of 7. This is a preventive check-up, to identify the presence of problems with the palate and other orofacial dysfunctions.

Ideally, this consultation should be made even earlier, in a manner compatible with the child's cooperation rate. It is therefore preferable to wait a few years to make this important appointment, during which we carefully analyze the starting situation of the pediatric patient.

During this consultation, we use modern instruments that allow us to determine which therapy to undertake, and possibly to use the palatal expander.

The objective is therefore to restore beauty and health to children's smiles. Health care is the main rule for living well.

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