I’m a smile creator!

If you ask me “What’s your job?”, I answer you back “I’m a smile creator!!!”

Universally a smile is considered one of the most beautiful things that exist. A smile conveys joy, and has the power to change the world, making it a better place.

Having the power to create a smile is magic that few can do and I am honored to have this privilege … why? Because I am a specialist in orthodontics, passionate about improving the smiles and comfort of my patients!

My passion for orthodontics began as a child when I would put my nose in my dad’s office and see all of his irons, impressions and arches .. I already breathed the air of what would later become the subject of my studies and later my profession, which I now have the privilege of exercising every day.

After high school I decided to enroll in the DDS program in Padua … in the middle of the second year I remembered I asked the then director of the school of Orthodontics for an interview and I said “Tell me what I have to do to become a specialist in orthodontics!” .

I followed his teachings, appreciated his mentorship, and graduated with full marks and I was admitted to the school of specialization in orthodontics. I obtained a specialist diploma with full marks after a three-year full-time coursework.

I had the opportunity to learn from the best teachers in Italy, Europe and the United States. Each of them left a piece of science in me that allowed me to build the puzzle of my orthodontic knowledge and practice.

After graduation, I started consulting as many colleagues do at the end the post-graduate program.. I was spinning just like a top for the whole of northern Italy!

At the end of 2013 with my family we made the decision to leave Italy to move to Switzerland.

Since then I have practiced exclusively orthodontics with much passion in Ecublens.

At the age of 35, I made the decision to start my own business because I now feel the need to create something of my own and to want to provide my patients with the best possible services.

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