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Terms of payment

Private patients

We are members of the Swiss Society of Dentists (SSO) and apply their tariff, the Dentotar.

The value of the DENTOTAR point in our practice is 1.00 CHF

Patients receiving social assistance

Social benefits cover orthodontic costs if the patient in question fulfills the criteria of the severity index pre-established by the cantonal authorities and if treatment begins before the age of 18.

Dr. Mercuri will be able to check with you whether your child meets these care criteria.

Patients benefiting from disability insurance (AI)

Disability Insurance covers orthodontic costs up to the age of 20 in the event of certain congenital disabilities.

These criteria can be verified by Dr Mercuri.

Caisse pour Médecins-dentistes SA

The Caisse pour médecins-dentistes SA is a company that takes care of invoicing for our practice.

You can arrange payment plans with them.

You can contact them on 021 343 22 08

Payment methods

For any payment on site, you benefit from a 3% * discount on your invoice.

* Excluding bleaching products, laboratory equipment and costs

* Payment on site only by bank cards or credit cards (minimum amount of 10CHF)

What if I told you that you can choose the easiest way to communicate with us? What if I told you that when you contact us, you give us a maximum of 12 hours and we will contact you back?

Connectivity is more important today than ever.

Full time connection with your orthodontist

We are conscious that being able to be always at your side is crucial in order to offer you a real five-star service.

Phone, email, social network, Whatsapp..you choose!

Your doctor is there to help you and never leaves you alone

Our patients chose us because...

Choosing Mercuri Orthodontie means choosing a modern orthodontic office that offers clinical excellence, a familiar and welcoming environment for young and adult patient and overall an outstanding customer care.

I am a specialist in orthodontics, I am a dad and I am a sportsman.

I trained with the most influential professionals and experts worldwide and I put my clinical skills, my great availability and my desire to help you expressing your best smile.

Respect for your time

Your time is your most precious asset and the only thing that nobody can ever give you back. We are committed to respecting the duration of your therapy, not to exceed the estimated cost for your treatment and to respect the time of your appointments whether for a check, a visit or an emergency. This is our warranty.

Outstanding customer care

Everyone likes to be treated well, pampered, spoiled …whether it's to better organize an appointment, offer you a coffee or let your child choose his favorite Netflix cartoon...we promise that every patient, aged or young, will receive a service beyond his expectations. We are always ready to walk that extra mile for you

Cutting-edge technology

We have chosen to have a modern look and to take advantage of the latest technologies that science offers us for our profession. Whether it is the dental impression scanner, the best X-Rays device on the market or the latest generation software for planning your smile: be sure, you can find it here. Confidently book your first consultation.

Your child in expert and competent hands

Centre Commercial - Chemin du Croset 3 1024 Ecublens - tel +41 21 357 04 44 - Whatsapp +41 76 274 01 44

Mon – Wed – Fri: 8:30 – 19:30

Tue – Thu: 7:30 – 19:30 Sat: 8:15 – 15:15

No reproduction, even partial

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