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Orthodontics is an important branch of dentistry that deals with correcting dental abnormalities. Today, its application is more and more widespread, even among adults. First of all, because compared to the past, modern orthodontics is able to solve various problems. In addition, the attitude of people who pay more attention to their teeth has changed.

We speak of adult orthodontics when the permanent dentition and the growth of the jawbones are now complete. Unlike children and adolescents, in adults it is not possible to intervene on the bones, but only on dental movements.

Mercuri Orthodontie deals with identifying and treating various orthodontic problems in adult patients. So let's deepen the subject and see what are the different branches of orthodontics and how we, specialists, intervene.

Types of orthodontics

The term orthodontics designates different fields of application depending on the means used.Generally, as in children, malocclusions can be linked to genetic factors, or to bad childhood habits (use of pacifiers, sucking thumb or other objects).

One of the most widely used orthodontic tools is the fixed appliance. In addition to this traditional which is undoubtedly visible, there are also solutions that allow you to save the aesthetic. In this case, we are talking about invisible orthodontics, or an innovative orthodontic therapy that uses clear and removable aligners. In addition, this method uses computerized technology that allows you to preview the result. This type of device is also appreciated for its ease of cleaning.

Another widely used type of instrument is the lingual appliance, which is applied to the inside of the teeth and therefore is not visible on the outside.

How we work with adults at the orthodontic level

The first fundamental step in all orthodontic therapy is careful examination on our part. In this phase, we carefully assess the patient's starting situation to intervene in the most appropriate way. Each patient is a story in itself, so each therapy is necessarily customized.

One of the scheduled examinations is the one that consists of taking the impression of the dental arches. Intra and extra-oral photographs, lateral skull x-ray and orthopantomography are also used. The latter is a special x-ray that allows you to analyze the teeth, jaw bones, and dental arches. It is an exam that does not require specific preparation and has no side effects.

Dental appliances not only improve aesthetics of the smile, but also have a beneficial role in the function of the mouth. As a result, chewing, breathing, and speaking are also improved. These are fundamental and decisive aspects for living well and in good health.

It will also sometime be possible to obtain benefits in terms of posture, the teeth presiding over various functions. The human body is a system in which all the elements are closely related to each other. For this reason, it is really important to take care of yourself.

When evaluating adult teeth, we also take into account the presence of other problems such as periodontitis. In this case, before starting orthodontic treatment, we first deal with the problem of pyorrhea. This type of patient can indeed present certain physiological conditions which are not generally present in pediatric patients.

It is necessary to take these variables into account and establish precise therapeutic objectives. It is a comprehensive analysis that takes into account various interrelated aspects. The objectives are several: correction of misaligned teeth; creation of a physiological occlusal load. To this must also be added the improvement of oral hygiene procedures, the reduction of bacterial plaque and the improvement of the periodontal situation.

After the treatment, a phase of contention follows to avoid the appearance of relapses. Retainer is used to stabilize the tissues involved in tooth movement. It is a phase of variable duration, difficult to quantify and in adults, it is practically to be understood indefinitely. In general, occlusal balancing and grinding can help reduce the risk of recurrence, as can an occlusal finish with optimal dental equipment.

The retainer used to keep the teeth in position after orthodontic treatment can be used.

Our advice to patients is not to postpone the appointment with  the orthodontist. Therefore, if a certain problem was not solved in childhood, it can still be solved in adulthood, and modern orthodontics definitely comes our way.

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