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First orthodontic consultation


Among the branches of dentistry, the so-called orthodontics, or the set of therapies to treat teeth in abnormal positions, plays an important role. Dental misalignment problems can affect anyone without distinction. These problems can have obvious repercussions on the aesthetics of the person, but also on the functionality of the oral cavity.

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Invisible orthodontics


In recent years, orthodontics has taken many steps forward, trying to respond to the aesthetic motivations of patients. On the other hand, it is also true that there can be some common situtations. In fact, wearing a device can be uncomfortable for some people, especially when they are forced to show it in public.

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Adult orthodontics


Orthodontics is an important branch of dentistry that deals with correcting dental abnormalities. Today, its application is more and more widespread, even among adults. First of all, because compared to the past, modern orthodontics is able to solve various problems. In addition, the attitude of people who pay more attention to their teeth has changed.

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Fixed orthodontic treatment (braces)


Orthodontics is an important branch of dentistry, which deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of misaligned teeth and jaw problems. This type of problem has considerable repercussions from an aesthetic and functional point of view. It actually means having difficulty chewing, breathing, etc., and at the same time feeling uncomfortable with oneself and with others.

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Missing teeth (dental agenesia)


The term agenesia refers to the absence of formation of one or more teeth. It is a phenomenon quite present in the population and not at all rare (2-3% of the population). In general, it affects women more than men, for reasons still unknown. There are several causes, but they can usually be attributed to problems affecting the tooth follicle.

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Treatment of Dental Diastema in Children


Diastema consists of a particularly evident dental space between two contiguous teeth. One of the most common forms is that between the upper incisors, which creates the characteristic hole. This is a problem that can affect milk teeth, with possible future repercussions on permanent teeth.

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Presurgical orthodontics


The specializations of modern orthodontics are varied and one of them is presurgical orthodontics, with the aim of correctly aligning the dental arches before proceeding with orthognatic surgery. These are cases in which maxillofacial surgery is necessary, and therefore have a certain severity.

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Class I malocclusion


In orthodontics, the term malocclusion indicates the fact that the teeth do not close properly. There are different types of malocclusions depending on the bite, with different severity characteristics. Specifically, in the class I malocclusion, the maxilla and mandible are correctly positioned, but the teeth are far apart and there are large spaces, or they appear to be crooked. In order to verify the characteristics, an orthodontic consultation is necessary.

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Protruding teeth (class II malocclusion)

Malocclusione 2 classe ortodonzia-lousanne

In dentistry, the term protruding teeth indicates a condition in which the front teeth are very outward, even resting on the lip. At Mercuri Orthodontie we take care of solving the problem of protruding teeth through special therapies. Our goal is to restore beauty and functionality to the smiles of our patients.

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Prominent chin - class III malocclusion

Malocclusione 3 classe ortodonzia-lousanne

The term malocclusion is used to indicate a situation in which the teeth do not close properly. In orthodontics, the medical branch that deals with the treatment of anomalies of the oral cavity, different types of malocclusion are distinguished according to their severity and their specific characteristics.

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Deep bite


The deep bite, also called increased overbite, is a fairly common orthodontic problem. It occurs when the incisors of the upper arch cover those of the lower arch more than they should. In general, people with small jaws suffer from it, and consequently the upper teeth grow downwards and backwards as they tend to come into contact with the lower ones.

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Open bite


In dentistry with the denomination of open bite we mean a lack of contact between the teeth, which does nit allow the correct closing of the mouth. It can be linked to a particular skeletal conformation or to bad habits acquired from early childhood. When it occurs, it must be absolutely corrected as soon as possible with an orthodontic approach. This is precisely the type of therapeutic path that we usually undertake at Mercuri Orthodontie to solve this problem.

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Cross bite


In the dental field, the expression crossbite refers to a problem of dental positioning that prevents the teeth from closing properly. It is a condition that has a significant aesthetic impact on the smile, and also has a negative influence on chewing and joints.

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Dental crowding


Crowding is one of the most common reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment and occurs when there is not enough space in the dental arch for all teeth. Because of this, the teeth begin to tilt and position themselves further forward, further back, and then overlap, trying to find the space to come out of the gum tissue.

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Palatal expander


The palatal expander is a device to expand a narrow palate. Usually, this type of condition, in pediatric age, presents with facial asymmetries and difficulty breathing and chewing. These are just a few of the symptoms that can occur. These are significant issues that affect the functionality of the oral cavity, effectively limiting the young patient. When they occur, it is therefore advisable to take the child to the specialist, who, through a visit, will prepare the most suitable therapy.

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Interceptive orthodontics


An important branch of orthodontics is the so-called interceptive orthodontics which deals precisely with the identification of malocclusions with the aim of preventing or reducing them. In fact, malocclusions can be treated more effectively if caught early in pediatric patients.

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