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Among the branches of dentistry, the so-called orthodontics, or the set of therapies to treat teeth in abnormal positions, plays an important role. Dental misalignment problems can affect anyone without distinction. These problems can have obvious repercussions on the aesthetics of the person, but also on the functionality of the oral cavity.

The identification of a misalignment and a malocclusion is carried out during the first orthodontic consultation. In this way, it is possible to know the situation present in the patient's mouth and to program a specific therapeutic plan.

Mercuri Orthodontice office, specialized in the treatment of orthodontic problems, thanks to a precise examination is able to identify the situation of your teeth. So let's see how this visit is structured, and what methods are available today for orthodontic treatment and make your smile shine.

What does the first orthodontic consultation consist of?

The first orthodontic consultation is a special check-up by which we check for the presence of any dental misalignment and other forms of abnormalities. Therefore, the earlier it is performed, depending on the age of the patient, the greater the chances of achieving optimal results.

Regarding age, we generally recommend doing the first orthodontic examination around the age of 7 (although some malocclusions would be better to intercept them even earlier, around 4-5 years). With early diagnosis, it is possible to intercept a large number of problems which, if allowed to progress, require much more therapy. On the other hand, it is not just cosmetic issues, but also functional issues. The mouth is often not thought of as the seat of basic functions such as chewing, breathing and speaking.

However, children are often not predisposed at a young age to have a dental exam. So if possible, this appointment can also be postponed. In fact, we generally do not work on the teeth of young patients before the age of six, except in exceptional and particularly serious cases.

Even if, as we have said, it is better to carry out the first orthodontic consultation to a child, modern orthodontic therapies allow to achieve high-quality results even in adult patients. In this regard, there has been an increase in the number of patients who wear braces in adulthood. In the past, however, it was mainly children and adolescents to wear them.

The first check-up visit to detect any misalignment of the teeth usually lasts 30 minutes, during which we carefully analyze the oral cavity. After the first consultation, we use tools that allow us to make a very precise diagnosis.

The tools usually used are as follows:

  • Orthopantomography, an x-ray of the dental arches which allows checking, for example, for possible position issues.
  • Lateral cephalogram, an x-ray that allows to check the relationship between the jaws, the teeth and the profile
  • Intra and extra-oral photos of teeth and face.
  • Dental casts of the teeth using a digital scanner.

We can thus establish whether we are confronted with a malocclusion such as a deep bite, a cross-bite, a problem of space between the teeth, etc.

Often, these abnormalities can lead to various disorders. For example, certain malocclusions can have repercussions at the periodontal level (that is to say the supporting tissues of the teeth) or of TMJ function.

How we solve orthodontic problems

After diagnosing the issues in the patient's dental arches, at Mercuri Orthodontie we establish the therapy to be performed and the instruments to be used among the different types of devices available. There are indeed fixed, removable and invisible devices. The latter are used more in adults when possible (but also increasingly in teenagers!), Because they are easily camouflaged and retain their aesthetic appearance.

Depending on the age of the patient and in relation to the current situation, we will decide when and how to intervene. In pediatric patients, for some malocclusions, we wait a few years and in the meantime we monitor the teeth over time. In this way, constant prevention is implemented by checks every 6 months or once a year. It is in fact not recommended to use the devices from an early age for too long a period to avoid unnecessary costs for the family and endless therapy for the child.

Getting an orthodontic consultation at any age is an important way to prevent future problems and resolve any changes in your oral cavity.

A smile to be beautiful must also be healthy at the same time. Our goal is precisely that, to restore the health of patients, by adopting the most suitable and advanced solutions. However, problems are not always easily visible, but can only be detected by the dentist. We therefore advise you not to neglect the health of your teeth, but to trust the specialist. The health of the teeth is of fundamental importance for the psycho-physical well-being of the person.


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