Protruding teeth (class II malocclusion)

Malocclusione 2 classe ortodonzia-lousanne

In dentistry, the term protruding teeth indicates a condition in which the front teeth are very outward, even resting on the lip. At Mercuri Orthodontie we take care of solving the problem of protruding teeth through special therapies. Our goal is to restore beauty and functionality to the smiles of our patients.

Let's find out what causes protruding teeth and how we go about treating them and bringing them back to their natural position.

Malocclusione 2 classe ortodonzia-lousanne

Causes and consequences of protruding teeth

There are several causes of protruding teeth. First of all, there may be genetic factors, for which upper jaw’s bone grows more than it should, while lower jaw’s bone has reduced development. Obviously, there are also hereditary factors, when there are family members who already have this problem.

Even some bad habits can contribute to this problem, like using a pacifier and thumb sucking after the age of 3. Other triggers can include dental crowding due to insufficient space in the arch.

The intervention is also important for a psychological reason, because the child can also be teased by his peers for this physical defect (just think that in the United States it is the second reason to "tease" after the combination “weight and height”). In addition to an aesthetic reason, finding solutions immediately can avoid a possible need of an extractive treatment later.

This condition can have several consequences at different levels. The abnormal position of the teeth can indeed create language difficulties and pronunciation of certain words. In addition, someone may have difficulty chewing and an increased risk of fractures and trauma. The straightening of teeth therefore becomes necessary and essential.

How we solve the problem of protruding teeth

When you realize that your child has protruding teeth, the first thing to do is to contact the orthodontic specialist. If this problem is found to be related to bone development, functional treatment is used to stimulate the growth of the lower jaw or to slow the growth of the upper jaw.

Thanks to the consultation, we can determine the origin of the disorder. In addition, with regard to timing, the earlier the intervention, the greater the chances of success, in modifying bone growth in pediatric patients. Specifically, the best time is between 9 and 12 years old or however around the pubertal growth spurt.

Since such a problem is more difficult to solve in adults, it is advisable to treat as a child during the developmental phase. The earlier the intervention, the greater the chances of success.

Usually in pediatric patients we implement a treatment divided into 2 phases. In the first phase, we implement bone therapy using special orthopedic appliances, so that the bones develop properly. In the second phase, instead, we align the teeth with orthodontic treatment.

Clear aligners can also be used, which apply light forces and move the teeth gradually without causing particular pain. The aligners allow easy eating and are removable.

What we always recommend to parents is to do prevention. But of course, it is legitimate to wonder how we can implement it, especially in the event of a hereditary problem. In this case, prevention means preventing the initial situation from getting worse. Neglecting to treat this problem has negative consequences in adolescence and adulthood. In this case, it often becomes inevitable to resort to permanent tooth extractions. Contacting the dentist as soon as possible is the solution to be hoped for.

In all other cases, parents should discourage inappropriate behavior, such as using a pacifier in children over 3 years old. Whatever the origin of the protruding teeth, the first diagnosis is then made with the first orthodontic visit which makes it possible to understand the initial situation, and to intervene appropriately.

Finally, the duration of treatment depends on the severity of the abnormality. It is therefore necessary to make the child understand that this path will give him a beautiful and healthy smile.

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